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Lightning shot selected as winner in Weatherzone photo contest

Stoked to have my photo chosen as the winner of this months Weatherzone photo contest! With the theme being ‘storms’ there was some great competition.

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Photo to feature in local newspaper

Thanks to Springfield News for choosing one of my photos to feature in their newspaper. Check it out below.

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Photo to be part of The Sky News Weather Channel 2015 Calendar

Last week I received some good news after entering The Sky News Weather Channel Calendar competition – I made it through to the top 12 and will be featured in the month of November (the month when the particular photo was captured and every Queensland storm chasers favourite month!).

The 12 images to be featured in the 2015 Calendar are below. My entry is third row down on the left and was taken while chasing on the Western Daarling Downs on November 23rd last year. The winning photo, which will be featured on the cover, was photogrpahed by Kylie Gee and is second row on the right –


You can also view the larger version and full gallery from the day the photo was captured.

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November – A month to remember!

For a storm enthusiast, November was like Christmas as a child. For more than a week as an upper trough lingered overhead, there was storms within the SE Queensland region. And not just garden variety storms either. Across the month the region saw some spectacular supercell structure, very large hail, even waterspouts off the coast and tornadoes in NE NSW. To top this off, we were treated to one more round of severe weather over the weekend over 23rd-24th as the month rounded out. It truly was a month to remember!

Although I didn’t get out and chase as much as I would have liked due to work commitments, I did manage to plant myself in front of a few storms. Here’s a few of my favourite shots I gathered from the November to remember…

November 12th – between Oakey and Toowomba


November 14th – Windsor


November 15th – Mount Coot-tha


November 16th – Peak Crossing


November 23rd – Near Moonie


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What’s been happening

Since I last posted here there has actually been quite a few storms around, unfortunately I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write a proper post! I won’t attempt to wrap up the last few weeks in great detail now. However, since I last posted there was some magnificent supercell storms in the SE QLD area, most notably in mid November when we had two solid days of severe storms.

Since then there has been some impressive isolated cells here and there, but nothing as widespread as that weekend back in November. Hopefully we will have another outbreak like that again soon (on the weekend again would be nice too, thanks weather gods).

Here’s a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks. In that time I have upgrade to the Canon 7D after my old 550D decided to pack it in. Now, I just need some excuses to get out there and give it a good work out!


Go to gallery to view the rest!

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Last storms of the 2011/2012 season

On 22nd April, 2012, I was lucky enough to be out and about with the camera for one last round of storm action for the season. I managed to find a nice little discrete cell on the back roads of Elmore in northern Victoria right on sunset.

The storm was really nicely structured and through out some great bolts as we watched on, include this one below that I managed to catch with the camcorder…


Here is the accompanying video that we shot…

And you can view all the regular photos from the day in the gallery.

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